UFOs: The Hidden Agenda
by Jay Howard

The summer of 1996 saw one of the highest, grossing pictures in the annals of Hollywood blowing away most of the movie competition. By the beginning of October the movie Independence Day had sold over 300 million dollars in tickets. An alien invasion of Earth movie reminiscent of War of the Worlds was unleashed on the public on July third.

The public has had an incredible fascination with movies depicting out of this world aliens, since the l950s, when movies like Invasion of the BodySnatchers, The Day the Earth Stood Still and Invasion from Mars were titillating audiences with the prospect of an alien race of beings bent onthe destruction of mankind. Though there has been equal success with movies showing aliens who are benevolent loving and down-right fun to be around.These would include movies such as the Jerry Lewis film Visit to a Small Planet, E.T. and Cocoon. The American imagination does not seem to be able to get enough of aliens from other worlds.

Television in its own right has used the now common theme as a vehicle tosell commercials to the television viewing masses. Shows like Twilight Zoneand The Outer Limits in the 60s had many shows that used the alien theme.Many shows were completely dedicated to that premise from the humorous treatment of My Favorite Martian to the more dramatic presentations inshows like The Invaders and Battlestar Galactica. The possibility that aliens from a distant galaxy were coming to a neighborhood near you very soon, was a thought that many Americans over the years have not only considered but actually embraced.

Our planet has seen a large increase in the sightings of UFOs since the latter part of the 1940s. A growing number of people say they have had physical and/or psychical contact with beings from other worlds or what is now called close encounters of the fourth kind, actual abductions by aliens of humans for experimentation. We have had thousands of people throughout the earth claiming these various types of contacts over the last 50 years.

In the minds of proponents of UFOs the most famous occurrence in thiscentury was the supposed crash and subsequent death of aliens near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The belief among the diehard believers is that the U.S.government is involved in a deep cover-up of the facts of Roswell and other UFO incidents, involving the highest levels of the military and the civilian government The government as the theory goes, not only knows wehave aliens coming to earth, but in fact may be involved with them in an arrangement of some sharing of technology.

The Growing Body of Evidence

To say we have a fascination with UFOs in America is like saying Bill Clinton is just another Democrat, both arehuge understatements. Along with the increase in interest we have seen in UFOs we also have seen a large increase in the amount of evidence that indicates something is going on. We need to look at some of the evidences to help determine the origins of the alien invasion of our planet

Many of the people who have gone on record as having a close encounter of the third kind (CE III) sighting and/or contact with an alien or a close encounter of the fourth kind (CE IV) being abducted, have made the statements while under regressive hypnosis. Most of the people who have sought help from a therapist have done so because they have apprehensions that cannot be verbalized and have approached someone to seek the root of their trouble, these problems include: Inability to account for periods of time; Repeated sightings of UFOs and/or ETs. (1)
There are many similar characteristics of CE III and CE IV encounters.When researchers begin to compile the list of similarities they indicate such things as: the beings claim to have come to examine our world, usually state they come in peace, are a superior race, are able to bring technology that is beneficial to mankind, many will claim a need to use human DNA to maintain their population, there is often a warning of a soon coming apocalypse to our planet and a wish to help avoid the disaster.

Many of those contacted are told in no uncertain terms that they are toact in a more or less official capacity as an ambassador or go between from the aliens to planet Earth. (2) The obvious intention, since so many are told this, is to engender in the contactee a sense of uniqueness andurgency to the message. Many UFO organizations have been started in this way. A case in point, the Raeleans were started by a French race driver, Claude Volrilhon he was renamed Rael by his space brothers and was given in his words, "the greatest message ever revealed to humanity."

The most common description by the majority of CE IIIs and CE IVs of the aliens is what has become known in UFO circles as the "grays". The most often sighted characteristics are: they are three to four feet tall, largeround or shaped heads, long arms, three to four long fingers, thin legs, hairless heads and bodies, no discernible ears, thin slit for mouth, only two holes where a nose would be; and the thing that most contactees remark on are the large black eyes that are almond shaped and curve at a slant towards the top of the head. Many people claim the eyes are eerily compelling and many sense a definite desire not to look directly into the eyes of the aliens and will try to avoid eye contact when the aliens look at them. The most common experience, when the contactees talk about their feelings of beingin contact with the grays, is a sense of fear or revulsion.

The people who claim abduction have as a common theme the examination portion of the encounter. (3) The aliens are said to probe the body with instruments removing tissue samples, female eggs, male sperm, blood and other things for study. Some have stated that when they awake they have holes or scars from where the specimens were taken. Some abductees claim that while on board the alien craft they are shown human fetuses or babies that have an alien appearance. Leaving them with the understanding that for some reason the aliens are crossing their DNA with human DNA, perhaps tosecure the survival of the alien race. In some instances the fetuses and the alien/human babies are destroyed in the presence of the abductees. (4)

Since the 1940s we have seen an impressive amount of evidence ranging from photos, eyewitness accounts of UFOs on the ground and in the air by civilians and military personnel, scorched earth where alien ships were tohave landed, intricate geometric patterns in agricultural fields attributed to UFO crafts, some have even claimed that they have alien metals fron the ship itself and as noted, a growing group of people who claim they have memories of being abducted repeatedly even dating back to early childhood.

Many people who have examined the UFO experience have frankly had adifficult time believing that the contactees should be taken seriously. As one researcher said, "I felt it could not be explained psychiatrically, yet it was simply not possible within the Western scientific world view. (5) It should also be understood that a great deal of medical, scientific and other professionals have come to accept the UFO experience as being genuine. Though people who believe UFOs are a reality, differ on what the phenomenon is and even where the aliens are coming from.

What Is Going On?

When UFO encounters are studied and cataloged a significant finding shows itself in almost every contactees story. The person who has had any type ofCE I-IV has had, prior to the event a deep-seated belief in an occultic world view and a firm belief, sometimes bordering on the obsessive, inUFOs.

A woman who had attended a conference at M.I.T. in 1992 on alien abduction stories and who also believed she had been abducted claimed that, as long as she could remember, had had a psychic ability to see ghosts and spirits all around. These spirits appeared to her as having as much substance as anything in the physical world. (6)

Another man who said he was abducted as well, claimed in sessions with apsychologist that he had a life long fascination with UFOs. (7)

Whitley Strieber, who became a celebrity in UFO circles when his abduction account Communion, was published in 1988, has admitted to an interest inthe occult and wiccan religious experience. (8) In his book he reveals a rather startling piece of information about the title of his book. Onenight she [his wife] talked in her sleep. "I had thought to call this book Body Terror because of the extreme physical sensation of fear I had felt on December 26th. Suddenly she said in a strange basso profundo voice: 'Thebook must not frighten people. You should call it Communion, because that'swhat its about' "(9) If we were to look at this rather strange incident from a biblical perspective, a woman with what sounded like a male voice talking as she sleeps, one could easily make a case for demonic intervention in the naming of Striebers book. Keeping in mind that he has admitted having occultic beliefs, this conclusion is very plausible and quite probable.

Some of the people who have looked objectively at UFO activity have suggested that UFOs may not be from other worlds, but rather from another dimension. The French astrophysicist Dr. Jacques Vallee, who has studied the phenomenon for over 30 years, believes it has strong ties to the paranormal, which is another word for the occult. He says UFO activity is a 2Oth century version of demonic manifestations that have plagued mankind throughout time. (10) It should be noted also that Dr. Vallee, in his classic work on UFOs Passport to Magonia, published in 1969, almost 30 years ago, said the characteristics of space aliens in UFO encounters are virtually identical to occult activities recorded down through the centuries. (11) Strieber himself says they may not be from other worlds, but possibly from another dimension. (12)

Clifford Wilson and John Weldon, who have spent many years investigating UFO claims from around the world see multiple similarities between UFO information and the occultic world of the demonic. Many contacts are reported when the person is under hypnosis or some kind of mediumistic trance. Some alien contacts take place through Ouija boards, automatic writing, altered states of consciousness, out of body experiences, or other occultic means. Some UFO incidents break physical laws such as when a UFO is being tracked on radar and the image leaves the screen without movingout of the radar's tracking range. In other words, UFOs just vanish off the radar. The alien encounters many times bring harmful and painful physical and psychological effects (see Deuteronomy 18:10 and John 8:44). Examples of this are as previously stated. Many abductees claim they have had painful experiments done to them and have seen the destruction of babies and fetuses, supposedly human, aboard the spacecrafts. The person many times develops occultic abilities soon after UFO encounters, among them being, telepathy, clairvoyance and telekinesis. Perhaps most telling is that aliens many times provide information that is completely contrary to biblical truth. They will tell those they contact there is no God, Jesus was not God, reincarnation is true, all religions are equal, and that many New Age beliefs are correct. (13)

When we compare the idea of the aliens being extra-dimensional (that is, coming from the dimension that contains hell itself), some of the strangea ctivity of UFOs is more understandable. For example, if these UFOs are nothing more than demonic manifestations, perhaps using molecular manipulation to appear as a flying object, it is not hard to understand how they could suddenly appear and disappear from radar screens and personal sightings. It would also help to better explain the statements of anabductee, who under hypnosis, stated that she sensed that they not only desired to possess her body but also her spiritual existence. (14) This encounter is indicative of a demons desire to possess a human host (Luke8:27, Acts 16:16).

My assessment is that these beings are not extra terrestrial beings, but demons from the dimension known as hell. They are using this rouse not only to frighten people, but to lure them from the gospel of Jesus Christ and into a false hope that the space brothers are here to aid mankind at this critical juncture of our planets existence.

We must also consider the extreme implausibility of life existing on other planets ex nilo. The fact that the chance of the most basic chemical reaction needed to sustain life (not inert matter brought to life, but life that already exists) occurring on a planet that is already hospitable to life is 10 to the 415th power. (15)

Perhaps the question should be asked at this time, if these UFO experiences, though apparently real for the contactee, are indeed a physical occurrence? Sightings (though some have more mundane explanations and are not actual UFOs) of spacecraft seem to be almost routine and have literally hundreds of thousands of eyewitnesses. However, CE IVs have next to no eyewitnesses. (16) This, I believe, is explained by the real possibility that most of the CE IIIs and IVs are in fact memories planted in people by demonic entities. This would better explain the nightmarish events that take place during abductions. It would tend to explain why,when an abductee tries to take something from an alien ship to prove that the occurrence took place, they are always thwarted in the attempt. Mostabductees say that when they are placed on a table to face an examination they are immobilized, but usually not by restraints. It seems in many cases they are immobilized by the aliens thoughts or other unknown sources. This also would tend to be explained by the memory planting theory. Let it be stated that whether CE IIIs and IVs are real or false memories, the endresult is the same. The contactees are convinced of the existence of UFOs and, more importantly, the truth of their message which is always antibiblical.

The fact that this is not contact from another planet will not be dealt with in movies or television because the reality of a demonic scenario is more terrifying to the non Christian mind than the concept of UFOs and little men. These beings are not here just to study or benefit mankind with a show of technically advanced hardware. The true agenda of these beings isto get those who will follow the seductive lure of extra terrestrial contact to forfeit their eternal souls in exchange for a lifetime of empty promises of communion with other-worldly space brothers. The only thing that exists in the final analysis is the cunningly conceived counterfeit.


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